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home newborn family session | Ponte Vedra baby photographer

I could have look at this sleeping baby boy forever. Calmly sleeping and dreaming in comfort of his mom’s arms.

Watching a baby and his family adjusting to his new home is quite spectacular, especially that not long before that I had a Maternity Session with his mom! New family has started. Everything is so new, exciting and maybe even a little overwhelming, especially with so much of outpouring love.

There isn’t more comfortable place for a newborn session than his home. That’s why I recommend at home newborn sessions.

Mom can breastfeed in peace in her favorite chair, warm air surrounds us, which allows this baby sleep so beautifully and dad is always there to help and be a part of this wonderful session.

This, week old precious boy slept pretty much through the entire session. Of course swaddling and rocking him was a one of the reason why he was so content, but I have to submit, that , on top of sweet newborn photos, putting babies back to sleep is the thing I love the most!


home newborn family session | Ponte Vedra baby photographer
home newborn family session | Ponte Vedra baby photographer
little baby boy | ponte vedra newborn photographer
sleeping newborn | Ponte Vedra baby photographer
cuddling newborn | Ponte Vedra baby photographer
dad holding his baby | Ponte Vedra newborn photographer
home newborn family session | Ponte Vedra baby photographer
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home newborn family session | Ponte Vedra baby photographer
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newborn in dads arms | Ponte Vedra baby photographer
home newborn family session | Ponte Vedra baby photographer





Siblings’ love and mom in sunshine tooChildren Session St. Augustine.

There is something so fun and refreshing about photographing siblings. I can’t really explain it, but that relationship, even though it can be a feisty one, just needs to be capture. Right?

There could be a thousand words to define it, but I am just using real, honest, emotive photographs to present to you love that lasts a lifetime.

On the end I just had to include this beautiful mom in the frame, because we all know that moms always have other things to do and often are the ones who are behind camera and never in the picture.

Perfect location on the way out of Jacksonville. Perfect golden sunset and lots of freedom for those two kiddos.

Laugh, children, love… what else do we need?

Jacksonville and St. Augustine Photographer.


Family and Maternity session full of joy and lightFamily and Maternity session Jacksonville Florida

“We take photos as a return ticket to the moments otherwise gone”

Maternity is such an amazing time to capture. It has such a depth to it, started so innocent with a smile, butterflies… with a love story, and it goes so much further, blooming into such a amazing journey…
Nine months later, there will be another new voice heard in your home, you will hear more little steps across your floors, many firsts of everything which years later will start another new love story of it’s on… Beginning of beginnings, really…
There is nothing quite like it: honest, emotive, delicate, yet beaming with strength. My heart is in every frame I capture, but expecting moms and motherhood is truly understood by me.
So as soon as the possibility of photographing this maternity session came up, I was so full of anticipation of what this opportunity would be like.

As always I gathered my information ahead of time, we discussed the light in their house, clothing, time and talked about children they already have.
From the time the door opened in front of me and a husband holding a little precious girl welcomed me with a smile on his face, I knew I had an amazing couple hours ahead of me.
As mom was finishing up getting ready, I was chatting with her well behaved little boy… a big brother. Soon after, he and I were climbing stairs with his sister giggling and just watching her steps.
She was definitely leading the way, occasionally holding her dad’s hand….
My heart was melting. Of course I was observing every minute of it through my lens, at least until mom came downstairs.

Let me tell you something, over the years I learned to use even minimal light in my photography, since many clients’ houses don’t have a great amount of natural light. This session’s room was full of light (even on a cloudy day)! White walls, minimal window treatment… this was going in such a different direction, and I loved it!
I knew that even in this airy space I will be still able to capture the depth. I will create shadows, but what was important we created connection and from now on depth in emotions was what I was interested in the most.
I browsed around the room planning in my head on how I will use this great setting, and we were on to pause this amazing stage of their life, forever.

It really didn’t take that long for this beautiful mom to relax and let her true emotions show. From the peaceful and intimate moments, a little laugh and joined family pictures, those couple of hours flew by.
I remember very well, when we were finishing up and her boy came into the room saying: “Are you done, already?!!” He was so surprised, it made me laugh a little!
We just needed a couple of moments between mom and daughter being captured: we had maybe 5 minutes to go. I knew she was getting tired, so I just asked mom to snuggle with her baby for a little while… Which brought me to tears, when I remembered my daughter was resting on my shoulder, playing with my hair and holding me the same way as her daughter did … There was so much peacefulness, love and joy in the air… I almost didn’t want to wrap up the session yet.

But we were all ready… we saved those fleeting minutes for her, and I knew we did wonderfully!!


Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra, Family/Children/Maternity Photographermaternity and family session indoor jacksonville fl 2016-07-12_0002.jpg 2016-07-12_0004.jpg maternity and family session indoor jacksonville fl 2016-02-12_0005.jpg maternity session ponte vedra florida maternity session ponte vedra florida maternity and family session indoor jacksonville fl maternity session ponte vedra florida maternity session ponte vedra florida maternity session ponte vedra florida 2016-02-12_0013.jpg