Mini Holiday Session| Jacksonville Family and Children photographer

It feels pretty great when mom is reaching out to me about a Family Session and she is very excited about being photographer by me.
What a great begining to a session preparation! Don’t you think?
This year I offered very limited spots for Mini Holiday session and it fully booked. Yeay!!.

It’s pretty funny and heartwarming when parents of little kiddos feel unsure about how still their children can be during our photo shoot… Please don’t be worry :) !
I really much rather chase them around and get true emotion from them than keeping them in one place.
Trust me… I will run around and I will grab that split second in the action, that will make you melt.
And yes… I will ask you to give me a couple minutes with just you and your loved one, even if that means little ones will be all over us OR I will be holding them tight in one hand and camera in other.

I have kids by myself and completly understand this situation. I got you guys!!

In the meantime… just look at some of the images we were able to get in our short session!
This beutiful girl spreads happiness like glitter everywhere!