Maternity Shoot Out. Teaching photography.

My first maternity Shoot Out was hosted in Seattle just a couple of weeks ago!

I got to tell you that I wasn’t so sure about this idea at first, but oh, boy!! I am so glad I did it!

There was a lot going on, since while I was there I got news about the possibility of a category 4 hurricane hitting my hometown Jacksonville, FL, where my children and husband were. So you can imagine that my heart was pretty much out of my chest between phone calls confirming that they were fine.

A perfect shoot out for me meant a small group of women, whom I could come to know by name, who’s work I will be familiar with. That was really important for me.

I not only wanted to help them see light and shadows, being able to use small indoor spaces to their advantage, and of course, get beautiful images, but also feel a sense of connection and knowing that I am an open book.

All was ready. Snacks and water on the table. Stunning pregnant lady arranged to meet us at the hotel room where we were shooting. Casual comfortable clothing chosen.

Purposely I did not clean all the space before they came, so I could show them how the “before” looked and what we can do with it. After rearranging some furniture, so many possibilities of light came forward! After closing the blinds, so many new shapes, forms and moods were created… Shadow plays such a huge role in indoor photography for me!

To see excitement in all the ladies’ faces and constant screen sharing was the best, BEST result ever! Each of them were rotating with each different light spot and every single one of them grabbed so many amazing images and showed me a new way to reflect our model’s beauty.

Atmosphere was just amazing!

I was left with a warm feeling and an appreciation for being able to share my abilities with ladies whose talents are simply not deniable!

After this, I know this can not be first and the last time…

Planning Spring workshop in Colorado is already in progress, but I think I found another way  to express myself in this photography world!

More Shoot-outs will be coming!

2016-10-20_0014.jpg 2016-10-20_0015.jpg