Expecting mom to be rustic session | Ponte Vedra Maternity Photographer

Just look at this lovely amber haired pregnant lady! She is a mom to be I had a such a pleasure to photograph during our pregnancy session!
I have to tell you something. It was cold!
This does not happen a lot in Florida. We moved session for a day later just to get extra 10 degrees of warmth.
Cause I like my clients to be as comfortable as possible and not freezing their noses and behinds off, of course! Giggling here just a little…
We were all a troopers and I think, I can easily say that we had lots of fun, even in low 50 degrees.
Maybe those snuggle images were so intense because they just wanted to be warmer? Nah… I don’t think so because I could barely separate them after couple shots.
No complaints from this expecting dad even a tiny bit… and those are the results.

Stunning pregnancy photographs loaded with love, intensity and emotions.
Just like I want it.
And the sunset? Right before we were wrapping the session the sun actually came out!!
Perfect ending to this heartwarming maternity session!


10 On 10

With a New Year, there are new challenges!
So excited to join a group of talented photographers and share with them 10 IMAGES ON 10TH every month!!
A little personal project to capture not only clients lives, but my little family as well.

Our everyday, passions and everything I see differently in this wonderful life.

Make sure to check wonderful sunset images of other photographer included in this project as well!

Sharleen Stuart Photography
10 on 10: January 2018



Mini Holiday Session| Jacksonville Family and Children photographer

It feels pretty great when mom is reaching out to me about a Family Session and she is very excited about being photographer by me.
What a great begining to a session preparation! Don’t you think?
This year I offered very limited spots for Mini Holiday session and it fully booked. Yeay!!.

It’s pretty funny and heartwarming when parents of little kiddos feel unsure about how still their children can be during our photo shoot… Please don’t be worry :) !
I really much rather chase them around and get true emotion from them than keeping them in one place.
Trust me… I will run around and I will grab that split second in the action, that will make you melt.
And yes… I will ask you to give me a couple minutes with just you and your loved one, even if that means little ones will be all over us OR I will be holding them tight in one hand and camera in other.

I have kids by myself and completly understand this situation. I got you guys!!

In the meantime… just look at some of the images we were able to get in our short session!
This beutiful girl spreads happiness like glitter everywhere!


Wonderful family of five | Newborn session Jacksonville Photographer

Finally, I can show you this amazing family and their newborn!!
I feel like I know them forever… Wait! I think I might actually say that, since I photographed big sister when she was just a baby as well!
She was the most scrumptious baby ever!! So many rolls! I can remember it clearly!
After we had First 48h Newborn Session at hospital, I was more than excited to meet those beautiful people a week later and take pictures for them in their own home, with so excited brother and sister.
I rocked and snuggle this tiny baby girl for a while, with a huge pleasure I should add.
She definitely loved my laps and arms a lot better than crib. Obviously! Ha!

At the end, we got her as comfortable as possible and continue loving on her while was watching it all through my camera. You can see adoration for this baby and so much love for every member of the family in every picture.


“Grow old along with me… the best is yet to be” explains this newborn session in the best possible way!


2017-11-20_0005.jpg jacksonville family and children photographer


That little girl who lights up mom’s and dad’s heart | family photographer Jacksonville

When you done the Newborn Session and then a year is passing down (how????) and it’s time for a Family Session… that’s what I am looking for in my photography journey.
Repeated clients who are almost like a family to me!
I can watch them for hours! They are completly in love with eachother and this amazing little girl, who was such a incredible gift to them. This adoration can not be explained.
Dad’s devotion to his two ladies, are the sweetest thing to observe and photograph.
I remember so well, when we met for the first time and when I took photos of him holding this tiny baby girl in his arms. She was then and still is the most treasured gift he could ever want, except of his wife of course! Not going to argue here.
I am so looking forward to see this family growing over many, many years and watch this beautiful child of theirs going through all kind of stages and changing with each session.
She has such a amazing example of two incredible people and that’s just a begining because her tribe is so much bigger.

Little girl, you are surrounded by love bigger than the tallest mountains!


Love, family of four and golden dunes | Ponte Vedra children photographer

With every session I photograph, I have a sense of excitment and well know from when I was little, feeling of butterflies in my stomach.
It really doesn’t matter what session it is; maternity, babies, kids or family. It’s all the same. And if, on top of that I supposed to take pictures of another photographer, those feelings might get even more intense.
Being there for anyone, when those sweet moments happen, capturing such a deep relationships and adoration for each person, means so much to me!
Family is one of the most valuable things in my life and I always wanted to be clear about it.
Being in the business myself, I know that we often are not included in the photos because we are always the ones taking them.
Because of this. the opportunity to have pictures taken might mean even more to a person who has the same passion as me. Isn’t this interesting?
I know that feeling too well.

I am so glad I could take this freshly made Floridians to my spot, spend d time together and be silly with their beautiful daughters!!
In coming years, those little girls will change incredibly and childhood they experience will adjust with them.
It was absolutely a pleasure to catch the present moments for those 4 lovely people and lhave them being center of my attention while pressing shutter of my camera.







mini holiday sessions | jacksonville family+children photographer

Very fast announcement about my limited Mini Family and Children Holiday sessions this year!

I am still keeping indoor sessions BY THE TREE, which are a little longer in the comfort of your home, but this year I am also opening limited spots for outdoor evening sessions!

Outdoor sessions are meant for small families or children, and last about 30 min (to allow me create holiday mood with this fun new way).

Hosted at the beach and forest background. I can’t wait!!

Two dates open: October 3rd and 4th, 6:30 and 7 pm spots.


holiday family session at the beach





Holiday sessions are coming – family and maternity photography | Jacksonville photographer

It’s so good to start Holiday season again! We are only a couple of months away from Christmas, and that means there will be a lot Family Sessions coming up!

The fall season can be so busy due to Christmas cards mailing deadline and beautiful cool weather here in Florida. Actually, it is one of my favourite times in the whole year!

This beautiful family was photographed by me for the 2nd time around, and each time I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to take pictures of them when they were expecting a baby.

Whoever knows me, understands how much I love Maternity Sessions!
It’s always so exciting to see my previous client again and watch their family and children grow.
Not mentioning, how heartfelt is to capture their pregnancy!
It’s been a while since I saw their beautiful girl, first daughter, actually when she was still in the belly, and I am so excited for her to be a big sister so soon, and surely enough she already had choices for her name!

If you only knew…


sunset family session, california | Florida Children Photographer

There is nothing like Family Session in California sunset, I tell you! Sharing my love for photography with others means everything to me!

My little family of 4 decided to be brave and after 3 weeks of travel in Europe we went on another 3 weeks long trip to Colorado and California with a California Zephyr train across 3 states in between.
When I mentioned to my friends that we will be driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles at the end of the trip, one amazing lady who is a photographer and a friend, invited us over to Sacramento!

We had arranged  mini shoot by her and another sweet friend of mine. All of them are such a talent in this industry!!
We not only shot this beautiful mom with her kiddos, photographed this sweet little family but also had a time to spend some time just simply relaxing. Kids played together like they were friends forever, husbands grilled out and the next day nobody wanted to leave! I swear, my kids plan to come back to Sacramento already!!

It was so wonderful to meet up, to photograph together, to change scenery and enjoy golden fields of California! I can now understand love and definition of “golden sunsets”, “California fields” and adoration for this state

Just look at this hill and this beautiful family of 4!!

I will go back in there at any time!


Traveling around the country and world is one of my passions and I am thrilled to be able capture my clients memories outside United States and  outside my home state: Florida.

If you need me to travel outside of Florida to photograph your family, maternity, kids or newborn session,  CONTACT ME to talk about the details and let’s arrange your wonderful shoot!

Everything is possible!

photo session in california | Jacksonville Children Photographer
mom and daughter hugging in sunset | Jacksonville Children Photographer
family walking in sunset | Jacksonville Children Photographer
portrait of mom and child hugging | Jacksonville Children Photographer
mother and daughter hugging | Jacksonville Children Photographer
little family in golden light | Jacksonville Children Photographer
mother and children dancing in sunset | Jacksonville Children Photographer
mom hugging her daughters | Jacksonville Children Photographer
beautiful portrait of a little girl | jacksonville children photographer
mom and her kiddos | Jacksonville Children Photographer
beautiful children and mom | Jacksonville Children Photographer
family of 4 in sunset | Jacksonville Children Photographer






little sweetheart flower field session | Jacksonville Children Photographer

This little sweetheart was such a fun to photograph! Children Flower Field sessions are always so much blast, but this one gave me a hundred of butterflies.
Flower field sessions are just a seasonal thing I do and I sure am behind posting this one, but I just had to share it with you.
There was a mixture of silliness, sweetness, child innocents and simple appreciation for what incredible things world has for us. That’s why I love children photography!
Her eyes sparkled, her laugh was contagious and her hair flew with wind…

I can almost smell those flowers with her.

I wonder if you would to…

little girl in the hat | ponte vedra children photographer portrait of a little sweet girl | Jacksonville Children Photographer little girl in the flower field | Jacksonville Children Photographer little girl in the flower field | Jacksonville Children Photographer
beautiful little girl laughing | Jacksonville Children Photographer little sweet girl smelling flowers | Jacksonville Children Photographer beautiful little girl with flowers | Jacksonville Children Photographer
little girl running in the flowers | jacksonville children photographer