In you I found the love of my life



I was always very close with my grandparents.
I was 18 when my grandpa died. One day he was telling me how precious I was to him and who I deserve in life and next day he was gone.
My grandma knew exactly how to stroke my hair to bring peace in me. I couldn’t even attend her funeral.
I was 35 weeks pregnant with my son, living in Florida when I heard those news. Cellphone was wet. Flying to Poland was not possible.
Recently I did a project I wanted to do for the longest time… I always wanted to ask my grandparents their story and always thought I would have time.
Well… as a teenager you don’t think about it… You think “later”…and then it is too late to hear a story of their love, life, their perspective.
For this project I’ve been looking for a couple 80+ years old.

After spreading some news I met the sweetest couple ever! We laughed, I cried, we joked… and then took some beautiful pictures.
I heard their stories, smelled their house and know all about their children and grandkids. Family means everything to them.
At first they were not sure if they even remember how to kiss (jokers! :) ).

Wife had to be loud to make sure he hears her when she asked for a kiss, but after a while she didn’t have to ask and he didn’t have to listen… it all came back.

I didn’t know about it until we sat down and I asked if I can see their pictures…

I then found out they got only one picture from their wedding. ONE!
They didn’t even remember who took it. Just recently their daughter had somebody restore it and clean it up.
This made this session even more special…