Emotive photography. That’s what I long for the most.

I specialize in heartwarming newborn baby and maternity sessions as well as children and family sessions that capture the most natural, emotive parts of your relationship and personality.

My goal is to deliver photos that will pull your heartstrings and will make you come back to that picture frame to look at that moment over and over again.

In my house I have an oversized canvas of my family above our fireplace mantel. There isn’t a day when I simply don’t stare at it, as I sit in the living room or eat dinner at our kitchen table. That photo gave me strength in so many hard life moments. Gave me patience and extra grace when I was overwhelmed with mom duties. That photo reminds me how much I love my children and husband EVERY SINGLE DAY. In that picture, we don’t all look at the camera, we were not posing or standing side-by-side, but that photo captured us exactly! My husband having a glare of adoration in his eyes, my son kissing my hand, because he was in the “marry me ” stage, my daughter being the wild center of attention while I hug her, and I am just laughing with my eyes closed.

I want to capture the glory of your family, of your children, of your amazing moment that will never repeat itself in the same way. Purest emotions and soulfulness are what I look for in the moment, as I watch you through my camera viewfinder. A kind of fine art that we both make together.

Your session with me is a result of not only my talent but also an effort to understand what matters to you, an effort to have that knowledge BEFORE the session. Your session is never a random beach, park, field, street, or home location… no matter where, it is based on your story and your priorities.

My clients look for a photographer they can connect with, for exceptional images that will reflect them in the most honest and beautiful way, and I put a piece of myself in every client gallery to ensure just that!

Please take a look at my blog and portfolio of pregnancy, newborn, child, family photography, and contact me if you would like to choose me as your photographer!