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Intimate Maternity Session. Atlantic Beach, Florida.

This session.

Dreamy, soulful, beautiful opportunity to capture love of two people that not only awaiting their first child, but they love each other so deeply that I was afraid images won’t be able reflect on how much.

Session full of intimacy, trust and happiness. Session that I will surely never forget and I am so very much looking forward to photograph first days of those two people becoming parents!

Two locations: home and Atlantic Beach during stormy weather and pure beauty.

2016-10-21_0012.jpg 2016-10-21_0010.jpg

Maternity Shoot Out. Teaching photography.

My first maternity Shoot Out was hosted in Seattle just a couple of weeks ago!

I got to tell you that I wasn’t so sure about this idea at first, but oh, boy!! I am so glad I did it!

There was a lot going on, since while I was there I got news about the possibility of a category 4 hurricane hitting my hometown Jacksonville, FL, where my children and husband were. So you can imagine that my heart was pretty much out of my chest between phone calls confirming that they were fine.

A perfect shoot out for me meant a small group of women, whom I could come to know by name, who’s work I will be familiar with. That was really important for me.

I not only wanted to help them see light and shadows, being able to use small indoor spaces to their advantage, and of course, get beautiful images, but also feel a sense of connection and knowing that I am an open book.

All was ready. Snacks and water on the table. Stunning pregnant lady arranged to meet us at the hotel room where we were shooting. Casual comfortable clothing chosen.

Purposely I did not clean all the space before they came, so I could show them how the “before” looked and what we can do with it. After rearranging some furniture, so many possibilities of light came forward! After closing the blinds, so many new shapes, forms and moods were created… Shadow plays such a huge role in indoor photography for me!

To see excitement in all the ladies’ faces and constant screen sharing was the best, BEST result ever! Each of them were rotating with each different light spot and every single one of them grabbed so many amazing images and showed me a new way to reflect our model’s beauty.

Atmosphere was just amazing!

I was left with a warm feeling and an appreciation for being able to share my abilities with ladies whose talents are simply not deniable!

After this, I know this can not be first and the last time…

Planning Spring workshop in Colorado is already in progress, but I think I found another way  to express myself in this photography world!

More Shoot-outs will be coming!

2016-10-20_0014.jpg 2016-10-20_0015.jpg


Monika Colichio of Monika Colichio Photography and Justyna E. Butler, of Justyna E Butler Photography, master of light, are joining their talent together for one day workshop in the beautiful Colorado.

2 locations, two great photographers, and 2 different ways to use light… either to create soulful illuminate images or create photograph with help of shadows. Great chance for children, family and maternity photographer to learn, get different perspective, create great images and have fun!

Between couple hours of shooting Maternity Session in indoor location, and Family Session in the mountains, we will not only share our knowledge but share our secrets that helped us see world the way you see in our photographs.

COLORADO , NOVEMBER 12th $425 until September 30th!

2 photographers

2 locations: Beautiful house and mountains

2 types of sessions: Maternity and Family

small group of great photographers!

Email to info@mcolichiophotography to register. Limited spots!

Thompson Therapy. Jacksonville and area Horse Camp. One of the amazing summer experiences she will never forget.

I found a little piece of heaven a little drive from Jacksonville and St. Augustine FL.
I heard about from many friends of mine who are the biggest animals and horse lovers and when my little girl continued to talk about horses herself for many many months I knew that, that would be a very special gift for her.
The look on her face when we suprised her with this gift after a year of planning was simply priceless!!
Ashley, founder of the Thompson Therapy had an amazing idea to start a Summer Horse Camp for little ones!
Such a beautiful way to teach children compassion, responsibility, awarness of animal’s feelings. Loved how those 5 days were mixed with learning and fun, loved every inch of dirt on her face, messy hair, horse stories and swimming in the lake memories. I know those will be never forgotten!
Camp finished not long before school started and I have already been asked to PLEASE sign her up for the next year as her birthday gift that she will have months before.
Nothing else is on her list! That sure says something, right?

2016-09-11_0006.jpg 2016-09-12_0008.jpg 2016-09-11_0008.jpg

There once was a girl who loved her lizzard

I absolutely adore photographing children and keep watching them as they grow and how surroundings and family shapes them into their own people over time. Passions grow as those little people grow.

To see so many children loving something so much is pretty impeccable.

I know this young lady since she was a little child and her first curl was hanging on her forehead.  Her love for animals and care for earth amazed me even then, so when I had a chance to photograph her and her little friend I sure was all for it.

children photographer Jacksonville 2016-09-17_0002.jpg 2016-09-17_0001.jpg 2016-09-17_0003.jpg

Depth in the Shadows shoot out Click Away 2016


maternity beach session Ponte Vedra, maternity photographer, at home maternity session

Because of wonderful feedback from both of my sold out “Depth in the Shadows” classes last Click Away, I decided to host a little private group shoot out. At this point I’m thinking about 5 people. I may be adding an extra 2, but I want to make sure I have time for hands-on interaction, to help with your settings, and especially time to explain how the whole process of capturing emotional images works in my head. We will shoot in low light indoor conditions, photographing an expecting mama.

Time 2-5pm, which gives you and me time to enjoy Golden Hour. Date THURSDAY, OCTOBER 6.
Investment $250

We are going to learn:

-How to manipulate low light to capture creative expressive portraiture

-How to use available light to elicit emotive images

-We will explore the angles to get the most from our indoor location

This class will help you with any indoor photography, from everyday images of your children, maternity to family or a couple imagery.

All I want is to look at the image and be moved. I hope you feel the same.

You are welcome to check images all talented ladies took last year during my class. There is so many of them!!


Child Photo Competition

Such a wonderful news!! I not only was listed as one of 100 Photographers to watch in 2016, but also found out that 5 of my images got nominated or honorable mention in Child Photo Competition
B&W CHILD PHOTO COMPETITION 2015 – Second Annual International Photo Contest in B&W Child Photography
In the 2nd Half of The Competition, we’ve received over 2500 photographs from all over the globe. Photographers were competing in 6 categories: Portrait, Fine Art, Lifestyle, Documentary & Street, Silhouette and Conceptual & Photo Manipulation.
Such a great news for this girl!!…/

100 Photographers to watch!

Today I got tagged by Clickin Moms as one of the 100 photographers to watch in 2016…. TODAY!!!! Not sure if I am trully believing what I am seeing, because that list is AMAZING!!! To be included along Alexandra Huff, @amandavoelker @amy_wenzel @benjaminheath, Brook Schultz, @inloveness, @fursty ,@joyprouty and so… so many others whom I followed for my years or grew along side… It’s trully a honor!! Such a wonderful beggining… Can’t wait to share with you more news about a learning opportunity from my upcoming Break Out!!!

top 100 photographers to watch


100 Photographers to Watch in 2016

Dear Santa… photographer Christmas list

As a little child I always had at least a couple of things I was secretly hoping Santa would bring… and I wasn’t thinking about bag of oranges, warms socks, or the winter underwear my sweet grandma always thought I needed ;) .

Sometimes I wished for new winter shoes, maybe a music CD, some cream, or a hairdryer, haha! I bet you expected something more fancy, right?

Well, when I started making my own money, my wish list wasn’t as simple any more, and I always wanted to try some new things… the best of this… the best of that…

Over the years I realized it doesn’t really matter if I got face cream from the top 10 best cosmetics list…  I had MY best whatever and that was sure enough to me.

When I started photography there were so many products I felt like I needed to try, check if they fit my needs, my style of shooting, etc… I did ask for a 50mm 1.4 for Christmas four years ago, a gift card to Adorama, BHphoto …  50 mm 1.4 a year after, then SD cards, lensbaby edge 80…

After many years I feel like I know what I really want, what I need, and what I can live without and just shoot with what I already have. Having said that, there are products I can really recommend to anybody who loves photography.

Mostly because I have them OR because I heard lots of rave reviews from other photographers. I know you will love so many of them!



1. a beautiful mug to drink your coffee/tea while editing.  Oh, you know exactly what I mean, right? Something that fits your hand so nicely and makes you smile… I wouldn’t have minded if it came with a variety of great tasting tea, too ;), Do you? I personally love this red coffee mug from Anthropologie monogrammed whimsical mug just because it fits my ethnic style so well, or you might like something photography related photography mug

073732_000_b il_570xN.662400597_eumu


2. notebooks. I am such an old fashioned pen and pencil person, you wouldn’t believe it. Writing down ideas for location and sessions all the time.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 4.33.23 PM Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 4.33.39 PM

3. a big girl lensbaby edge 50 optic with composer. This little baby is da bomb for creative roots! I own an edge 80 lensbaby lens and love everything about. Although I don’t need composer, I know this lens will be on my wish list for sure! Heard from many talented photographers that the flare it produces is simply amazing!!! Just check Justyna’s Buttler picture below and you will know what I mean.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 5.20.37 PM Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 5.22.13 PM
4. camera strap. It took me 3 years to decide on what camera strap I wanted. Seriously! Isn’t that crazy? Finally, while at the Click Away conference in San Antonio, TX, I found the perfect strap for myself. This company has so many of them! You may also want to check out scarf straps and even camera bags! Their collection is huge!!! I can tell you from experience that this strap is much comfier than original camera straps and so unique!

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 6.48.14 PM

5. If you didn’t already get one for yourself I would really, REALLY recommend you to go to and get a membership!! Or just put it on your Christmas list and ask for a Clickin Moms gift card !!! This was a game changer for me!!! I was not only able to share my work with others, ask questions, and get inspiration, but I found so many friendships and grew amazingly since the first day I registered. Seeing my own work in their photography Click magazine (another great gift!) was just icing on the cake for me! The forum, The blog, Daily Project, CM university where you can purchase so many wonderful classes, and the PDF Breakouts! (Next year my own Breakout will be in the shop as well, can you believe it!!? )… Y O U… M U S T… G O… A N D… C H E C K … T H E M… O U T!!!

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 6.52.50 PM
6. Timbuk camera insert in 3 different sizes! Such a great idea for anybody who doesn’t want to spend too much money on their camera bag and just use theirs everyday purse. That’s totally what I do right now, not complaining AT ALL! ;)

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 5.52.12 PM
7. Ok lets go just a little into a gear… and that’s really more for casual everyday photography, amazing with kids and for fun outings, amazing for everyday or even selfies… this will rock your world!!! Fujii  came out with this amazing Instax Camera, so classy, easy to use, simple and you get your pictures in seconds!!!Instax 90 Fujifilm camera. Many different modes include: kids or macro mode, different levels of brightness, self timer, high performance flash or even double exposure mode. I mean REALLY!!! Make sure to ask for at least couple packs of film because you are going to need it!

top_photo12 Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 5.29.33 PM


Best Christmas gift ever. photo book

So I need to tell you something that you probably don’t know about me yet.
I see my family every 2 years…
My husband’s family lives in States, but my whole Polish family is across the ocean. It’s tough sometimes and sending gifts is sometimes tricky.
When my kids were born I started making yearly albums for us. Over time, grandparents kept asking for pictures years later, those pictures were still not printed. I decided then to start a photo book tradition for them as well.
That was THE BEST idea EVER!
Not too heavy to ship, stunning, and because of the high quality of my shipping company, they are very durable, flat layout, matte finish… custom… LOVE!

I tried other non-photography lab companies before: Shutterfly, My Publisher etc… but you just can’t beat quality of THIS PRODUCT!

Christmas is coming and I know I will be sending another book to them again and wanted to give you a chance as well to see this great Signature Photo Book.
Make sure those precious pictures will end up on paper. Print your memories friends!

dprinted memories, millers photobook
dprinted memories, millers photobook
dprinted memories, millers photobook

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